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I graduated college with an Interior Design Degree and moved to New York City to pursue a career in Design and Store Planning at a luxury clothing brand. After a year of working and living in New York City, I learned so much about design but I also learned that I am a Philly girl. I moved back to the Philadelphia area to work with Architecture Firms and Designers locally. After numerous internships and temp positions, I found myself working full time in the legal field, far from design.

A few years and a lot of life later, I am now circling back to my love of design and building Laura Gushue Designs, connecting my love of design in every direction I can. I believe good design has the power to transform both homes and events into spaces that you’ll have memories of forever. Whether you are in the Philadelphia area or not, I can service your specific design needs and create a space that is perfectly you for your everyday or for your specialist of days.

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