I am so excited to announce today that I am working as an e-designer for Havenly! You can now find me here at Havenly, adding e-design in a new way to Laura Gushue Designs. This is such a fun and accessible form of interior design and gives every homeowner at any budget the opportunity to love their home.


Havenly is an e-design platform that connects interior designers with clients all over the country. It is perfect for homeowners who previously assumed interior design services were outside of their budget and it brings design expertise to every home.

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This company is such a treat to get to work with, and I am so excited to work with more clients around the country. I believe so fully in the power of design, and Havenly gives me the platform to work with so many more homeowners.


Havenly is perfect for renters or homeowners, newly moved folks or those just sick of their current space. The service adapts to everyone in every situation looking for any style of design.

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If you are interested in learning more about Havenly or working with me as a designer there, please contact me! Also, if you want to find me on Havenly directly, use this link for an added discount for choosing me as your designer! I am so excited to get started with this new business and help clients just like you transform their homes.

Let's get started!

Laura Hennessey